slow dancing at 5am

stoli still singing on our lips

we sway like a lonely noose

before the sun can find a reason to rise

I could break her in my hands

so I sink my head in her neck

this is mercy

like a vampire biting their lip instead


I know I should play it ice cold

give her a sting of how frostbitten I can be

but she’s a wet flame across me

this snow queen chipping away at my glacier

doing pirouettes on razors slicing the surface

so I pull her tight

my tourniquet


too many still waters are shallow

so I’m testing her depths

she’s laid out, a canvas in fishnets

a belt across her throat

her ass can read the braille of my fist

this wet flame flickering underneath me

she has the eyes of mona lisa

being licked below the frame

she’s a portrait in finger paints

and I’m a shadow boxer ducking the light


the next day

the glacier is coming loose

and this is how I lose at chess

reckless- headstrong

charging with my sword out after the queen

only two moves ahead


she has a face that’d drive men off cliffs

gasping for her ghost.

she says she’s all or nothing

the problem is those are the only odds I prefer

so I raise her until we’re even

a face off


you wanna melt me?

try it.

she says she’s a fan of Plath.


put your head in my oven

and I’ll turn up the heat.