the end

usually stops me before I begin

I’ve tied off too many veins

before I have to hear their telltale heart

beating through the floorboards.

everyone gets the first part right

the slow seductive slide into starry eyes

and the last part wrong

keyed cars and shredded valentines

everclear in her contact lens case

wild turkey in your morning coffee

staring at a two face in a broken mirror

or even worse the slow growing rust

your duet going out of tune

the stench of love starting to rot.

everyone wants a Shakespeare ending

two lovers dead on a floor

a vial of poison between them

but instead we end up with the Cliff’s notes

screaming our throats ragged in some vacant parking lot.

there’s no pleasure in prophecy:

it always ends.

we draw straws for whose funeral comes first


we sever it off at the bone

and hope time will cauterize the wound

in enough time to give us another swing.

this girl could take a piece out of me

take it home and tie it up with ribbons

and add it to her collection.

and she’s young, so I’m wary

I’m gonna be the canvas for her first mistakes.

someone said the best way to cure a hangover

is to keep drinking

but I’ve always said

the best way to cure an ex girlfriend

is to get a new one.

I can flip more queens then a deck of cards

but mostly I’d rather play solitaire

then even when I lose,

no one’s looking.

this love of mine says she’ll be good to me

the best she’s ever been

I’m promising the same

walking the line straight as a razor

you see

I know all the sharp angles that’ll cut a chest open

I’ve got a heart that beats like a time bomb

but for her, I’ll still give hope another audition.

so come on kiddo, let’s taste the wind.

it’s high up here and I’m tired of looking down.

love has it’s own laws of gravity

but maybe this time we’ll float.

sometimes when you’re on the cliff

you can’t worry about the fall,

just how long you can keep your eyes open

before you hit.