SMOKED. {Feature Film Trailer}

“SMOKED” is a controversial dark comedy about the misadventures of three gutter punk stoners whose housewarming party ends in flames. In their desperation, they create a half baked plan to rob an Oakland Cannabis Club. The stoners rob the club without knowing that the club’s owner is notorious crack kingpin Tyrone Shank. In retribution, Shank unleashes the savage contract killers known only as: The Four Horsemen. The hunt sends a wave of violence across the city as backyard brawls give way to frenzied shootouts while they try to escape through the criminal underworld. Ninjas, clowns, and battle rappers all get caught in the increasingly bizarre crossfire. Acclaimed underground Bay Area performers bring savage action and sharp dialogue together with an all original soundtrack; “SMOKED” is destined to be a cult classic!

Cash. Crops. Corpses. They all burn the same.

The East Bay Film alliance in association with MOSS Productions presents “SMOKED” the Movie. Starring Rupert Estanislao, Abdul Kenyatta, Jaylee Alde, Jamie DeWolf, Asher Kennedy and Geoff Trenchard. Produced by Phillip Paulos, Jamie DeWolf, Joshua Staley. Edited by Phillip Paulos Executive Producer & Production Manager Chris Brainerd. Written By Jamie Dewolf, Directed by Joshua Staley and Jamie Dewolf